Restoration Progress

Restoring Hermitage at Diamond is an ambitious, multi-year project that began in 2017.  Since then, we’ve made significant progress in creating an organizational structure to shepherd the project from vision to reality and in protecting the building from further deterioration while transforming the exterior into an attractive community asset.

Hermitage at Diamond Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 2019. In 2021 we received federal recognition as a 501c3 organization, allowing supporters to take tax deductions for contributions to the project.   In addition, significant steps have been completed in the process of gaining Historic Preservation Tax Credits, which have the potential to be a sizable revenue source.

Many local arts organizations, artists, neighborhood businesses, and community residents and groups provided invaluable ideas during Zoom focus groups held in 2021.  Insights from these meetings provide valuable information for the board’s strategic plan and will play a key role in the Hermitage at Diamond programming plan.

Phase 1 of the restoration project has focused on exterior restoration to protect the structure from the elements before interior work begins.  Phase 1 progress to date includes a new roof and cupola, steeple reconstruction including new columns and railings, extensive foundation and siding replacement, exterior painting of a significant portion of the complex, a new concrete driveway, and courtyard landscaping.

Learn about the next phase, the South Side Facelift by clicking here!

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