Our Mission

Restoring an historic neighborhood church for the creation, performance, display, and teaching of the arts. 

Meet Our Board

I’m passionate about both community and the arts. This project, along with Carol Moore’s involvement, has inspired me to want to learn more about historic preservation.

Maureen Kirkwood, Chair

I am a firm believer that a city should keep historic structures as a way of affirming a link to our past. When a structure such as this church gets repurposed as a community arts center, the whole community benefits.

Ed Clifford

I believe we as a society must strive to make space for the artists in our community. This beautiful structure is an ideal home for this; it’s a very charismatic and inviting sonic environment!

Alex Hamel, Vice-Chair

Jennifer Williams

This building is near and dear to my heart, a part of my life for years. I desire to see it succeed on its next journey!

Susan Hallifax

People of all ages will be inspired by what happens in this space.

Marjorie Kuipers, Secretary

Art and music have always nourished, healed, and energized our souls and our communities. Making accessible art spaces and resources available is a way to infuse our children and our neighbor-hoods with pure energy.

Lori Tennenhouse

Vince Lambert, Treasurer

Project Director – Carol Moore

Carol Moore

A resident of Fairmount Square, an historic district in the East Hills neighborhood, Project Manager Carol Moore joined several community partners to begin restoring the Hermitage at Diamond building in the fall of 2017. In the past several decades she has led a number of transformative restoration and preservation efforts, including:

  • saving and rehabilitating the Wealthy Theatre
  • saving and restoring several historic structures and houses on Wealthy Street and in Fairmount Square
  • helping form the Wealthy Theatre Historic District and Fairmount Square Historic District
  • helping develop the Traditional Business District zoning code
  • initiating the Trees Please effort

“The building tells you what to do, and it’s just kind of fun to take its lead.”

-Carol Moore, Grand Rapids Magazine, Feb. 12, 2020


Restoring a distinguished structure and cultural center in the East Hills Neighborhood


Creating a home for the expression of creativity


Building a commons for neighbors and friends to connect

Let’s grow together.

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